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List protestacyjny do Ambasadora Kanady

15 March 2005

The Honourable
Ambassador H.E.Ralph Lysyshyn
Canadian Embassy

We, the undersigned, protest against one more barbarous slaughter of seals which is to be approved by the Canadian government. In accordance with the Canadian law, 320 thousand of - often dozen-day-old seals - are going to be either shot dead, or clubbed to death. A number of them will be bled and skinned alive. The seal hunt takes place in spring when the harp seals congregate in extensive patches to give birth to their pups on the ice. The baby seals are not yet able to swim properly nor are they willing to leave the land. Therefore, the seal pups easily fall a prey to the men.

What explanation can be found for such a savagery? What commercial gain justifies such an inhumane treatment of animals? The so-called “humane killing” is just a pure fiction aimed at allaying public misgivings. Have you, Mister Ambassador, ever tried to take an animal’s life in a “humane” manner? Do you believe in such a possibility? Do you think that Canadian hunters slaughter those beautiful, innocent and vulnerable animals in such a “humane” way?

Today, 15 March, the protests like this are taking place in such countries as: Poland (Warsaw), Belgium (Brussels), Canada (Kelowna, British Columbia, Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver), Great Britain (London, Edinburgh), France (Paris and Nice), Holland (Hague), Italy (Rome and Milan), Portugal (Lisbon), Denmark (Copenhagen), Norway (Oslo), Ireland (Dublin), Romania, Czech Republic, Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga), Slovenia, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden (Stockholm), Austria (Vienna), USA (Atlanta, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Dallas Detroit, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, New York, Portland-Oregon, Raleigh, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington D.C.), Ukraine (Charkov), Israel (Tel Aviv), Argentina (Buenos Aires), Chile (Santiago), Croatia (Zagreb), Columbia (Bogotá), Equator (Quito), Peru (Lima) Uruguay (Montevideo), Mexico (Mexico City).

We request that you allow the seals to live. Let the red on your national flag not be associated with slaughter!

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